For this project I created the cube on Cinema 4D, made the slider and integrated several pages and the menu. To enjoy the best experience, it is better to open the website on an android phone with Chrome or Firefox because the API vibrations unfortunaly didn't work on IOS by now


Hi, my name is Corentin Marzin.

I am a Creative developer and student in fourth year at HETIC in France.

I like to experiment innovative technologies (currently playing with Nuxt and React native) and love to discover new ways of coding.

I currently use Vue, Nuxt, React, React native, Ruby on rails (mostly only api) GIT, Gulp and some PHP.

I had the opportunity to work as a project manager on several occasions.

From time to time I could express myself by creating the design of websites or making some svg animation.

Last year I was in Berlin. Today, I am currently working at Leeroy creative agency in Montréal.

If you need more information or just to say hi, here is my email :

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Copyright Corentin Marzin

Code available here

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