I worked on this artistic project at Edenspiekermann. It was challenging because I had no connection with the previous team. I had to manage alone to understand how the website worked. Finally, I could add new functionalities, fix bugs, update the pages and allow the website launch.


Hi, my name is Corentin Marzin.

I am a Creative developer and student in fourth year at HETIC in France.

I like to experiment innovative technologies (currently playing with Nuxt and React native) and love to discover new ways of coding.

I currently use Vue, Nuxt, React, React native, Ruby on rails (mostly only api) GIT, Gulp and some PHP.

I had the opportunity to work as a project manager on several occasions.

From time to time I could express myself by creating the design of websites or making some svg animation.

Last year I was in Berlin. Today, I am currently working at Leeroy creative agency in Montréal.

If you need more information or just to say hi, here is my email :

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Code available here

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